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      1. Plant lighting

        Plant growth lamp

        Product model:NY-600400GN4-4


        Important features of products
        2.Input Voltage:400V
        3.Power Factor:0.99
        4.VS lampholder (from Germany)
        5.Reflector: Alanod Germany
        6.Compact aluminum housing with excellent
        7.Wieland Connector – Plug & Play system

        Key Benefits:

        1、Light system special for seedings, flowers and Indoor plants etc.
               2、High efficient lighting solutions - up to 3. mol/J.
               3、Minimize energy costs by choosing a tailor-madeinterlighting module according to your specific needs,Low maintenance cost.
               4、Increase yield by year-round production, Improve quality.
               5、Low installation cost by Plug and Play system.
               6、Long life time.