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      1. Guangdong Lighting Silk Roads Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

        Company introduction:

        Guangdong Lighting Silk Roads Cultural Development Co., Ltd., English name: LCM (Light Culture Messenger) is an "urban art lighting" operation platform company invested by AE Technologies(GD) Co., Ltd. The company makes full use of more than 20 years of lighting technology accumulation, and is committed to integrating lighting, beauty, light and shadow, art and other resources. Through light as a carrier, the city spirit is the intention, using light language to tell the city's long-standing cultural heritage, to achieve art, energy saving The goal of low-key and interactive provides professional services for urban culture and tourism art lighting, creating a city's sense of surrounding, history, vicissitudes, taste, building a new urban space for realization and fantasy, and establishing a new business card for the city.

        With the vision of “use the light to make the city unique”, the company takes the technology leading, the superior quality and the service professional as the concept, the “industry integration” as the direction, the “science and technology service society” as the purpose, and the “technology + cooperation + capital” The development strategy is based on the values of “innovation is the responsibility, integrity and responsibility, and serving the society”. It promotes the corporate culture of “unity, dedication, learning, innovation, benefit, fairness” and actively builds lighting technology through technological innovation and resource integration. Innovate the new ecosystem of sustainable development of the industry, adopting the development path of innovation iteration, co-opetition development, industry-industry interaction and cross-border integration, and establish a first-class “urban art lighting” technology operation service platform.

        The company takes "urban art lighting" project service as its core business, develops advanced creative lighting, dance art and light and shadow technology and products, brings together top lighting and art creation teams, and has rich experience in large-scale engineering project operation, mainly serving the city. Cultural and artistic lighting creative customization; characteristic town environmental art lighting project; cultural tourism creative art lighting project; urban large-scale celebrations, event lighting art performance design and production; urban lighting art performance of large equipment rental services. Through the new high-tech products and technologies to create customized, experiential, differentiated, culturally connotative and green environmentally friendly cultural tourism products, build a new pattern of global culture and tourism, and achieve the goal of improving urban social and commercial value.

        The company vigorously promotes the "XiangYue" series of art lighting brands with independent intellectual property rights, holds the "World City Creative Art Lighting Design Competition", invests in the construction of "Light and Shadow Art Theme Park", and extends to the "Belt and Road" countries to build light. New Silk Road, the strategic goal of the one-stop system solution provider for the design and production of the world famous city creative art lighting, theme light and shadow performance.

        Main business:

        Urban culture and art lighting creative customization
        Characteristic town environment art lighting project
        Cultural Tourism Project Light and Shadow Show Customization
        Design and production of large-scale celebration lighting art performance in the city
        City Light and Shadow Art Performance Equipment Rental Service
        Art lighting project investment operation management

        Company qualification:

        • City and road lighting engineering professional contracting level 1 qualification (cooperation)

        • Lighting Engineering Design Grade B qualification (cooperation)

        Engineering case:

        • In November 2018, the first

        • Wanzhou Sansheng Stone

        • In January 2019, Chongqing Wanzhou Nanbin Avenue Art Lighting.

        • In January 2017, the “International Lighting Culture Festival Launching Ceremony” was held in Guangzhou.

        • Landscape lighting of Yangtze River embankment in Wanzhou District, Chongqing

        • Taibaiyan and daijiayan mountain boundary lighting project