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        LED flameless candle | Essential oil

        Essential oil

        Product model:CP150100196


        Important features of products
        ◆Prevention of disease
        ◆stimulate metabolism
        ◆Purification of air

        Product introduction

        Ae.bella flavors are made up of unique formula of natural and synthetic flavors. They are fragrant and fragrant. Essential oils often need hundreds of raw materials. Essential oils can be composed of dozens to hundreds of molecules. Under the arrangement of nature, these molecules coexist in a perfect proportion. Each plant has its own particularity. 

        Essential oils have a very good health effect on human body.Essential oil can not only refresh and purify the air, prevent inflammation, spasm and infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses and fungi, regulate endocrine, promote hormone secretion, cell metabolism and cell regeneration function, and play a very good health care role in human psychology and physiology.

        Each plant essential oil has different effects. It can also alleviate and alleviate diseases. It can be used in daily life.