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        LED flameless candle | Essential oil

        The company's Ae bella brand is made from the essence of the fragrant plants. It not only has a special fragrance, but also has magical effects, which can beautify the skin and treat heart disease. To relieve stress and purify the air. Under the soft and melodious music and warm and soft waxy light, the fragrance of the wilderness of the heart is fascinating, so that you can enjoy the pastoral nourishment and release the exhaustion and courage of the body and mind.

        Use method :used as the accessory of the fragrance candle light

        Applicable places:living room, bedroom, bathroom, study, office, cafe, hotel

        Storage method:indoor darkness below 30 degrees, not suitable for sunlight, high temperature environment and placed in the refrigerator
        Caution range:pregnant women, the elderly and young children, patients with airway diseases, allergic patients

        • Essential oil

          Product model:CP150100196