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      1. Healthy lighting


        UV Air Disinfection Light

        Product model:XD-SK36-1203


        Important features of products
        rated power:36W
        rated voltage:US standard AC110V Europe standard AC220V supply current:0.16A
        operating temperature:20°~40° operating Humidity≤80%
        product size:494*232*200mm
        usable area:≤40m2
        light source:quartz UV light tube

        Product introduction

        AE Bella UV air ring sterilizer,Start delay 10 seconds, open and close regularly, disinfect and sterilize, radar induction can be customized selectively. UV quartz lamp, 36W lamp source, efficient disinfection.

        Safety Precautions:

        1.During use of the UV light, people and pets should leave the room, because direct exposure to human eyes and skin is strictly prohibited, in order to avoid injury.
               2.If injured, do not handle it by yourself. Please seek medical treatment immediately.
               3.Long-term use of UV rays can cause discoloration of the illuminated object. Please keep your valuables such as paintings in a safe place.
               4.Do not bend or pull the power cord forcibly, because the damage to the power cord may cause fire, electric shock and other accidents.

        product certification:FCC 、CE