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      1. Chairman of the company reappointed as chairman of Guangdong lighting appliances association

        2019-12-23 16:29:38

        On November 14, 2019, the Sixth Council of Guangdong lighting appliances association was held in zone g of Guangzhou Panyu Changlong Hotel International Convention and Exhibition Center. The meeting was held by secret ballot. Wu Wenfeng, chairman of our company, was elected as the new president.

        At the meeting, Wu Wenfeng published the development plan of the Association for the next four years. Guangdong lighting electrical appliances association will improve the professional of the association from the aspects of providing targeted service projects, strengthening industry statistics and industrial research, promoting brand engineering construction, continuing to strengthen the "belt and road" construction, leading enterprises to "go out", building exhibition and trade platforms, promoting industrial economic and trade cooperation and exchange, etc The service ability, completes the bridge function between the government and the enterprise, makes the new contribution for the Guangdong lighting industry development and the enterprise service.