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      1. The chairman and general manager of the company received the Hegang delegation

        2019-06-19 19:14:42

        On April 23, 2019, Li Li, deputy mayor of Hegang City, led a delegation: the party secretary of Hegang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio and Television and the Secretary of the Party, Sun Hao, and the deputy director of the Hegang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio and Television, Gao Zhonghua, He Gang Fu Yanhua, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio and Tourism, Cong Peijia, director of the Office of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, Hegang City, and Sun Yi, deputy researcher of Hegang City Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, and vice chairman of the Hegang Chamber of Commerce in Heilongjiang, Guangdong Province Secretary-General Wang Jiageng visited the Guangdong Lighting Association. Qi Jianfeng, Vice President of Enping City Chamber of Commerce, Secretary General of Guangdong Enping Chamber of Commerce, and Fang Fang, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Hengantai Electronic Development Co., Ltd., accompanied by Wu Wenfeng, Chairman of Guangdong Lighting Association, and Secretary General of Guangdong Lighting Association Nie Yanhong and general manager Cai Haicheng attended the symposium.

        At the symposium, the delegation watched the company's promotional film, the "Meeting Wanzhou" promotional film and the company's art lighting case. Li Li highly praised the Guangdong Lighting Association to lead the enterprises to the international initiative, as well as the company's cultural and travel projects, and the topic of Hegang's development of tourism and lighting industry and the company's chairman Wu Wenfeng. Explore patterns of possible collaboration.