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      1. International Lighting Culture Festival was held in Guangzhou

        2019-04-22 17:06:26

        On January 18, 2017, the launching ceremony of China-Belarus (Guangdong) Optoelectronic Technology Industrial Park and China (Guangdong)-Belarus (Minsk) International Lighting Culture Festival was held in Guangzhou. The event was jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce and the Guangdong Lighting Association. Vice Governor of Guangdong Province He Zhongyou, Vice Chairman of the Minsk State Executive Committee, Silenko Victor, Minister of Belarusian Embassy in China, Commercial Counsellor Labuco Yuri, Minsk City Cultural Bureau Director Lujikova Wei Talina, General Manager of Minsk National Lighting Company, Grynivich Slavamy, CEO of China-Belarus Industrial Park, Hu Zheng, and Consul General of 17 countries in Peru, Thailand, Argentina, Belgium, Israel, Italy, etc. The consul, and the representatives of Guangdong lighting industry, lighting industry park and leading tourism enterprises, attended the launching ceremony. Wu Wenfeng, president of Guangdong Lighting Association and chairman of the company, gave an important introduction to China (Guangdong) Optoelectronic Technology Industrial Park.