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      1. Chairman Wu Wenfeng visits the US with Vice Governor Ouyang Weimin

        2019-04-22 17:00:51

        From May 6 to 11, 2018, the chairman of the company visited the Michigan Economic and Trade Delegation led by the Vice Governor of Guangdong Provincial Government, Ouyang Weimin, to visit Michigan and Massachusetts, and participated in "Michigan China Week" and "Guangdong Province". - Massachusetts Economic and Trade Promotion Conference.

        On the afternoon of May 6, local time, the "China Week" event hosted by the US state of Michigan was opened in Detroit, the capital of the state. The organizers held the opening ceremony of Michigan China Week on the cruise ship of the Detroit River. The Chinese Consulate General in Chicago Hong Lei The Consul General delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. The Michigan State Government held the "China Week" series of events in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids from May 6th to 9th. "China Week" aims to continue the momentum of friendly cooperation between Michigan and China in recent years, further enrich the content of the province-city partnership between the state and China, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields.