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      1. On January 28, 2019, the company's Nanjing Wanzhou Jiangnan New District Nanbin Park Art Lighting Project was officially lighted

        2019-04-21 09:34:28

        Recently, Wanzhou District of Chongqing City has created a tourist city, beautifying the city's night scene, and combining culture and tourism to present a beautiful Wanzhou. Wanzhou Nanbin Park is located on the bank of the Jiangnan New District on the south bank of the Wanzhou main city section of the Yangtze River. It looks like Taibaiyan in the north and felt hat mountain in the south. It is an important area of Wanzhou District and a good place for leisure. The scenery here is beautiful, the landscape is beautiful, and the art lighting project undertaken by the company is officially lit up, which adds to the glory of Nanbin Park and no longer “lonely” at night.